Could 2014 be the year when peace is reached in Colombia?


As a Contributing Analyst for Wikistrat, I took part in a recent brainstorming session in which analysts were asked to propose the major news stories for 2014. Written in the form of a newspaper report, this scenario predicts a peace accord between Colombia’s government and the FARC.

If you are interested, just follow the link provided!


The African Union as an emerging power in peace and security?

Apart from rising countries seeking to project their power and influence on issues of international peace and security, there are regional organization also worth have in mind. One remarkable in this regard is the African Union (AU). Born in 2002, the AU has managed to build an African Architecture of Peace and Security (APSA) designed to provide African solutions to African conflicts.

The African architecture is far more developed than any other in Latin America or Asia, to mention a few examples. Institutions, mechanisms and policies are in place. Some problems remain, but the AU has made significant improvements.

If you want to read more, you can access this article that I published on the 50th Anniversary. Here you can access it in the IECAH website in Spanish, and here you have it in English.